Fine Jewelry Insurance and Estate Appraisal

We offer genuine, trustworthy appraisals for your diamonds and fine jewelry with the utmost honesty and integrity. Even if your jewelry was purchased elsewhere, we will provide the same quality appraisal services.

We provide two copies of an appraisal of value for all jewelry fabricated or assembled. One copy is for the customer’s personal records, and one copy is for the customer’s insurer. We recommend insurance for all jewelry above $5,000.00 and encourage customers to talk with their insurance agent to make good decisions about what to insure.

Fine Jewelry & Watch Repair 

With master bench jewelers on premise, we repair and refurbish your broken or worn jewelry and watches in a timely and professional fashion. From simple repairs such as battery, clasp, or strap replacements to more detailed work on diamond dials and diamond replacements, we can do it all.
No repair is complete without first being refinished top-to-bottom, and inspected for precise quality. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Custom Jewelry Re-Design

Are you looking to make something old look new again? Have your tastes changed over the years and you want to revamp your jewelry to reflect your more elegant style?
My HP Jeweler can keep any of the desired original elements and re-design something that adds more luxury and elegance to the piece, while keeping the timeless memories and stories behind the original design.


Do you have fine jewelry you just don’t wear? Turn it into cash. No matter the reason, we offer consignment services for pieces you could live without. Once we have evaluated your jewelry, we will determine its cash and consignment values. From there, you can decide whether you’d like to offer your pieces for consignment or sell right away for cash.

Your jewelry will be in good hands with MyHPJeweler, no matter which resale direction you prefer to take. We have the expertise; you have the exquisite pieces. Let’s work together to develop a mutually-beneficial sales partnership.

Custom Design Jewelry, Bridal/Engagement Sets

The purpose for wedding rings are their circular shape: it has no beginning or end, and it continues for infinite eternity. Because wedding rings provide such a strong outward symbolism for marriage, it’s only fair that they should reflect the wearer’s personality and tastes.

Let us help you design the perfect bridal set that is as timeless as your marriage, and as unique and elegant as the love of your life.

Loose Diamonds

Every piece of fine jewelry should be accompanied by an equally-superior diamond. At MyHPJeweler, we only supply diamonds with the strictest standards and unmatched quality in regard to the 4 Cs: cut, carat weight, clarity, and color. We will never sell a diamond with below-industry integrity.
With a wide selection of loose diamonds in various price ranges, we’re certain you will find the perfect diamond that fits your dream design, lifestyle, and budget.